A Day Of Virtual Volunteering: August 24th "In" Chicago
Event Date: August 24, 2021
Location: Zoom!
Application Deadline: July 2, 2021

What's a Pro Bono Marathon

A one-day event where a team of two to three skilled volunteers work on and deliver a defined scope of work for a nonprofit.

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for skilled, passionate volunteers who are eager to support organizations making meaningful impact in their communities.

Activity Overview

Taproot invites you to contribute your expertise to Chicago-based nonprofit partners at a Virtual Pro Bono Marathon! A Virtual Pro Bono Marathon is a full-day event in which teams of 2-3 pro bono consultants work with a nonprofit partner to deliver on a pre-scoped project. During the event, teams will dig in to the nonprofit’s specific organizational challenge and create a customized, actionable deliverable. Please reach out to Kevin Burg at kevin@taprootfoundation.org with any questions.

Example projects include:
- Key messaging refresh for a multi-cultural community center
- Organizational IT assessment for a nonprofit promoting racial equality
- Leadership succession plan for a nonprofit empowering first-generation college students

Pro Bono Marathon
Event Categories
HR Management, Board Development, Staff Development, Accounting & Finance, Evaluation, Program Design, Research, Brand Development, Messaging, Multimedia, Copy writing/editing, Public Relations, CRM, Grant writing/development, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Admin Support, IT Infrastructure, Business Planning, Sales and Customer Service, Accounting & Consulting, Data Science & Analytics, Website design, Mobile Development, Website development, Information Technology, HR & Leadership Development, Marketing & Communications, Business Planning & Development

Sorry the deadline for this activity has passed!

Type of expertise needed

HR Management
Board Development
Staff Development
Accounting & Finance
Program Design
Brand Development
Copy writing/editing
Public Relations
Grant writing/development
Marketing Strategy
Project Management
Admin Support
IT Infrastructure
Business Planning
Sales and Customer Service
Accounting & Consulting
Data Science & Analytics
Website design
Mobile Development
Website development
Information Technology
HR & Leadership Development
Marketing & Communications
Business Planning & Development

Roles needed for this project

Salesforce Consultant
Marketing/Communications Consultant
Finance Consultant
Marketing Consultant
Human Resources Consultant
Human Resources Generalist
Web Designer
Creative Director
Market Researcher
CSR/Fundraising Expert
Quality Assurance
Information Architect
Public Relations
Social Media
Nonprofit board development
Project Manager / Brand Marketer
Content Strategist
Visual Design
Copywriter/Content Creator
Financial Consultant/Analyst
Project Manager
Data Analyst
Web Developer
Brand Strategist
Project Lead
Strategy Consultant
WordPress developer
Hr information systems
Grant writing
Business planning
Financial analysis
User interface design
Networking administration
Program development
Business analysis
System administration
Cost analysis
Product development
Competitive analysis
Market research
Strategic analysis
Web development
Graphic design - web
Project management
Performance management
Training and development
Brand strategy
Content management
Public relations
Google analytics
Marketing management
Marketing strategy
Operations management
Social media strategy
Database administration
Hr management
Data visualization
User experience design
Copy writing
Event planning
Media relations
Graphic design
Board development