Grant research and writing assistance

We are looking for someone to help us write and apply for applicable and relevant grants in order to be able to fund the shipping of our books. We are also looking for someone increase our audience and raise awareness bout our project by connecting with local, regional, state and national media sources. In August of 2018, our hearts were all broken as we suddenly had to say our goodbyes to Hindi Krinsky, 32 year old English teacher and mommy. Hindi's husband David and a former colleague Leslie Gang decided to do what they could to continue Hindi's legacy and collect/donate books to children in need. Together, we've collected more than 15,000 books and partnered with 215 organizations throughout the country.

We are making a difference with support from our friends, neighbors and strangers alike. We currently have all of our data recorded and outlined, we are very vocal on social media platforms, and have a well-established website. We are looking for someone to help us find the grants that are available to us and help gain funding for this. We are also looking for someone to make calls, send emails and make compelling pitches to media outlets who would like to share our story.

Nonprofit Overview

Hindi's Libraries collects new and gently used children's books to more than 200 organizations throughout the country spanning across 26 states. Our organization's mission is to continue the legacy of Dr. Hindi Krinsky, a 32 year old High School English Teacher and Literacy Coordinator, who tragically passed away. Her goal was to share her love for reading and literature with her High School students. Our goal is to ensure that children throughout the US have the opportunity to read and own a book, something they otherwise may not be able to afford.

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Grant research and writing assistance

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Hindi's Libraries
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