Graphic design for one-page flyer template

I volunteer to design two one-page flyers. Preferably, a template that could be used in the future to replace information and photos. Photos, content, logo, color types, and samples provided. A eye-catchy, unique print piece that will grab attention and clearly convey information. I am implementing a new program that is a partnership with Realtors, where a portion of their commission is donated to our children. With very professional and aesthetic pieces, I will be able to more easily partner with Realtors, and grab the attention of their clients, therefore expanding our reach even further. Exposure to our mission is crucial, and this will help foster that - in addition to fundraising. I plan on using it with all Realtors that have agreed to partner with us, and to help attract more. Once we have a good base of participants, we can expand into other commission type fields and professionals.

Nonprofit Overview

NPH USA transforms the lives of vulnerable children
in Latin America and the Caribbean by supporting
the homes, health services and educational
programs of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos
(NPH, Spanish for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”)
Together, we help children overcome poverty and
become leaders in their own communities.
Founded in 1954, NPH is currently supporting
more than 6,300 boys and girls in Bolivia, the
Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala,
Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.
In addition, our community outreach programs
provided over 114,000 services in 2018.

Project Overview

Graphic design for one-page flyer template

Adobe creative cloud
Graphic design
Print design
Minneapolis, Minnesota
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely

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