Market analysis for clean energy funding research potential

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We're seeking help from a professional volunteer to conduct a market research analysis of the potential philanthropic market "demand" for funding research related to clean energy, resilience and opportunity zones, and also one program participants (e.g. affordable housing agencies). Global Green is interested in working with communities to evaluate if communities, city agencies and affordable housing organizations could utilize the opportunity zone funds in areas related to its sustainability and resilience technical assistance program. To date, Global Green has worked with over 30 cities and communities and helped build capacity leading to an average of 1-2 projects or policies implemented and over $280M in funding leveraged. More detail can be found here: We're seeking to build on this success by continually bringing more resources to implement projects with partner communities in addressing the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability. Thus far, we've conducted a preliminary financial analysis of the opportunity zone incentive for solar projects and also created some initial program marketing materials. (see here: The volunteers output will be in an excel sheet and/or a 1-2 page word document. Once complete, we're looking to reach out to both potential program participants (e.g. affordable housing agencies) and also potential funders to support research and scaling of the project.

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For 20 years, Global Green USA has been a national leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that improve lives and protect our planet.

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Market analysis for clean energy funding research potential

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