Copy writing or editing for sustainability project reports

We're seeking help from a journalism or writing professional to provide volunteer support for upcoming reports and articles. Global Green will share materials with the volunteer to review the scope and given the interest and timeline whether it fits to have the volunteer as the a) author b) co-author and/or c) copy editor of content. We're currently working on a national sustainability neighborhoods program. The project takes underserved communities who are vulnerable to climate change as the "client." For more information on the project, please see here:

Support from volunteers is extremely helpful in producing materials that can enable communities to secure resources, evaluate policy changes and recruit additional partners. We've drafted an initial draft of the report that we'll provide to the volunteer. Once the project is complete, we'll either provide the final product as a progress update to participating communities and/or feature as a 'chapter' inside a larger report.

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Copy writing or editing for sustainability project reports

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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.