Board recruitment best practices

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Global Green is seeking help from a volunteer to identify and evaluate best practices for board recruitment. This can include a) initial steps such as event invitations b) more formal 'job descriptions' and c) the value proposition for how the organization can support the Board Member's mission toward the environment and other goals. We're also looking for assistance on how to identify Board Members that can help address different target needs including fiscal management and fundraising. Global Green is the US affiliate of Green Cross International, a global network of affiliates. In its 25th year, Global Green is now looking to recruit 1-2 additional Board Members that will help us develop the US and international connections and mission, and secure the significant addition funding for the organization to support the growth of its mission. The organization's global footprint includes Green Cross Affiliates in Europe, West Africa, Asia and Europe and Latin America. Current active projects in the US include projects and partnerships in NYC, LA, DC, Dallas, Coastal Bend (Texas) and New Orleans. We've already created materials for this kind of recruitment, however, they need to be updated to reflect the international opportunity and work, and also to include modern recruitment and engagement tools such as linkedin and other applications. The "deliverable" for this project will be a 10 slide deck and/or 1-2 page summary that will be shared with Global Green's leadership and incorporated into the overall plan.

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For 20 years, Global Green USA has been a national leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that improve lives and protect our planet.

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Board recruitment best practices

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