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We need a new financial model for our 2020 budget. We would like a skilled volunteer to help us evaluate what didn't work with our previous model, assess our needs for the upcoming year, and design an improved model that provides useful financial reports based on the specific needs of our organization. Our budget is an essential tool to ensure that we are making sound financial decisions throughout the year. The majority of our programs are tuition-based, so 90% of our revenue currently comes from enrollment, and therefore we need that income to cover our core operating expenses even when enrollment fluctuates unpredictably. We are also a growing organization and are starting to do more fundraising to diversify our revenue streams. We need a financial model that takes both of these needs into account and helps put us on a path towards responsible, sustainable growth. We have a finance committee that meets on a monthly basis. The committee is composed of our Board president, treasurer, as well as our Executive Director and Finance Director. We have been working on this as a group but need outside expertise to get us through this transitional phase. Once we have a solid model in place, our committee can implement and adapt going forward.

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Founded in 2000, Two Coyotes is a non-profit nature mentoring organization dedicated to creating a healthier, more connected future by connecting people to nature, community, and their personal empowerment.

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Financial model assistance

Cost analysis
Financial analysis
Two Coyotes Wilderness School Inc.
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Newtown, Connecticut
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