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I am researching grants to fund two projects urgently needed by the Lakota using One Spirit's facilities on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

One project that currently needs funding is an annex to our Allen Community Center. The annex will house several washing machines and dryers; and it will house several individual shower facilities. This is needed as most homes lack the room, the money and the water services needed for in home facilities

The second project for which I am researching potential grantors is for a Bobcat or similar skid steer front end loader/tractor for our Charging Buffalo meat processing facility. This is needed to move the slaughtered buffalo from the grounds where it is ceremonially sacrificed into the butchery. This is a critical contribution allowing the Lakota to regain some of the food sovereignty they've lost; and return a traditional food to a largely malnourished population.
These two projects together go to the very heart of our mission in helping the Lakota regain a lost autonomy. The Charging Buffalo provides a local source of ceremonially scarified traditional foods, and other resources obtained from the buffalo. This empowers the Lakota to take another step towards autonomy.

The Allen facility is critical to the welfare of one of the nation's poorest and most under served populations. In many homes, the kids fear going to school with poorly kept clothes, and showing a lack of personal hygiene. They should not miss classes for these reasons. The families from these homes often suffer from head lice; foot ailments and other conditions related to poor personal hygiene. The health, education and personal sense of self-worth of these families suffer because their homes have no water, electricity, and often lack the space and even heat needed for in home care.
For the Allen Community Center Annex, the work has already been planned and quoted to cost an estimated $23,000. The contractor and the construction techniques will be the same as used for the Charging Buffalo. We have good confidence in the success of this addition. The Community Center already has a small room with washer and dryer which is insufficient for the existing demand. The new annex will house similar equipment and better accommodate the community's need. We already have a pledge of up to $10,000 in a 2:1 matching grant.

For the second project, acquiring the front loader for the Charging Buffalo, the equipment has already been identified, along with a source. The current need to enable this project is to research grant funding of about $60,000. We already have a pledge of $20,000 towards this equipment.

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The One Spirit mission is to help the Lakota meet the basic needs of their people and provide a culturally rich life for their youth. We support the Lakota in their goal of achieving food sovereignty and self-sufficiency in their communities.

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Grant research support

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