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Teachers to the Rescue needs a website designed. This design would ideally be characterized by our logo. The website is going to need space/tabs for videos to be uploaded and watched. Additionally, it will need an area for pamphlets/pdf files to be downloaded and printed out for those who are viewing the website. Lastly, the design is going to need to include an area for people to register with the organization to receive updates and a place to donate to the organization if they feel so moved. I am looking for a design that is lighthearted, appeals to teachers and parents, yet can deliver a very powerful message about our organization and mission. This project is a good investment for a volunteer due to the nature of what we are trying to accomplish. Every day, at any minute, a school shooting can happen and children's lives are lost. This is a heartbreaking act that has to stop. We at Teachers to the Rescue do not know how to stop people from shooting each other, but we do know how to keep people alive, and that is our goal. With the design and eventual build of our website, we will be able to get the training content of how to keep children alive after a school shooting to every school that becomes part of our organization. It is through this website, coupled with hands on training, that Teachers to the Rescue is going to get the knowledge and resources of keeping children alive to the teachers across America. The website is a vital part of accomplishing our mission. At present we have a small staff of myself and my wife, however, we have the time, commitment and knowledge to accomplish this project and run the organization. I have a Masters in Public Administration and am an officer in the U.S. Air Force. I am very used to managing large projects, lots of people, and massive amounts of responsibility. My wife has her B.A. in Business Administration and manages a nationwide dog training program for a non-profit organization. She is very well versed in non-profit management, leadership, finances, etc... and will play a key role in running the organization. Once the project is complete we will reach out to Taproot again for website development. Once the website is developed we will proceed forward with accomplishing the mission of Teachers to the Rescue.

Nonprofit Overview

The mission of Teachers to the Rescue is to minimize school shooting related deaths in America by providing an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) and the education required for its use to every High School teacher in America. We will do this free of charge.

In more detail, the organization is going to put a first aid kit specifically designed to stop people from bleeding out from gunshot wounds, called an IFAK, into every school classroom across America and train teachers how to use it. The goal is to equip teachers with the resources and knowledge of how to keep their students alive in the event a school shooting occurs.

Teachers to the Rescue wants our children and the parents of our children to have peace of mind while attending school. Students should not have to worry about anything else other than the next test coming up while attending class. We at Teachers to the Rescue are going to make sure this happens and want this to become a movement across America.

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