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We are looking for a volunteer to create a mobile app for our volunteers and club visitors to use, to improve the service on offer to older people. The charity currently runs 94 different friendship and wellbeing clubs across two counties, supporting c1500 people, run by 300 volunteers. This is a large operation, and is currently primarily done with paper forms. After extensive discussion and research, we feel a mobile app would be the most suitable alternative to paperwork, that could collect clearer, faster, more accurate data to help us better support the charity's beneficiaries. We would like an accessible, real time communication solution where members can access information on added value events and key messages about Brendoncare clubs activities. This could involve push notifications to say their usual venue is closing for refurbishment, or calendar reminders on upcoming trips and outings. It would also be good to ask regular questions around the quality of the club sessions, venues, activities etc, to be able to tailor the service.
Club members in return could quickly and easily update their personal details including address, health issues, next of kin information etc. This is incredibly important when working with older people, so that we can offer the most suitable and safe support.
The volunteers who run the clubs should be able to upload club information (who has attended, notes on their health, comments about the activities etc) quickly and easily.
The UK has an ageing population. People have the joy and privilege of living longer, but there isn’t always the resource in place to provide well-rounded support. This is especially true in rural areas where it is so easy for older people to become isolated if they are no longer able to drive, and the problem is growing year on year. Brendoncare is working to reach all communities in need across Hampshire and Dorset. The charity has grown to 94 clubs in the last 15 years, and needs to develop new clubs to reach more people. However before we can grow to make a larger impact, it is vital to make the processes simpler and more efficient.
Over the next two years, Brendoncare will be going through a full IT overhaul, looking at the systems in place and possibilities for the future. Now is the time to pilot a new project to help drive this organizational change. If we can highlight the positive impact of using modern technology, this project can really ignite the changes needed across the wider charity. We are lacking in the technological skills to begin this transformation, so are looking for a couple of people to get on board with our charity vision and help bring us into the present.
Brendoncare is entering a two-year project to overhaul all of the technology used across the charity. We have recently begun the process of digitizing workloads through the purchase of laptop / tablet hybrids to remove a large amount of paperwork.
We have begun a conversation with volunteers from Vodafone around the databases currently used (clubs admin, finance, fundraising), and how to ensure consistency of data without duplication of work. Their team are only able to provide limited resource and expertise, but have suggested we trial project management programmes as an organisation, and identify a partner to help us create a digital solution for clubs data.
This new app will be used by club volunteers and members who have access to mobile phones or tablets connected to the internet. Through this they might be able to ‘RSVP’ onto a certain club session so volunteers have an idea how many members to expect that week.
There will be a regularly updated section on club updates and Brendoncare news. This will be managed by the admin team at Brendoncare central office who will be able to schedule push notifications.

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For every person to have a positive experience of ageing.

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