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The Chicago Music Consortium
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Bolingbrook, Illinois
Website development

Posted January 22
Member since 2017-05-09

Project Overview

My website was built in Microsoft Expression Web Four which MS no longer supports. It was hacked 8-20-19. I need to import it into my Synology Personal Cloud. I need a Pro Bono Taproot Volunteer to convert it into a Word Press web site that I can import into my Personal Cloud. It will then be accessible only to people that I send a link to.
The CMC Big Band Movie needs to have a website accessible to only the people working on my film project. Information on my movie is very confidential.

There are no significant series on the History of the Big Band in existence.
The primary Goal of the Chicago Music Consortium is to bring world-class music to under served audiences. The movie/tv series will be subtitled in 14 languages and distributed around the world. This will bring significant attention and funding to the CMC.
Very few people today know what the Big Band did to American and World Culture and how it significantly changed World Culture.
The Skilled Volunteer will contribute to the CMC’s efforts to bring world-class music to underserved worldwide audiences.

Any accepted applicants must sign The Chicago Music Consortium’s Do Not Disclose/Do Not Compete Contract.
Confidentiality Agreement Maintained by James G. Pesoli, PLLC

The two themes of the movie will be Misogyny and Racism. The movie will be made in the Adult Graphic Novel Format that primary and secondary school students and collegiate students prefer to watch in theaters and at home. The DVD's will be distributed world wide with 14 languages subtitles. When the Pro Bono volunteers sign the CMC DND/DNC contract, I shall send them a link to my Personal Cloud that will contain information on some of the top people in the world working on this project.
Actor Nora Dunn, CMC Script Writer and Movie Consultant:
Ari Golan, Movie Production Production Company Owner (Please read the second paragraph of his Bio):

When I receive funding, we start filming.


Nonprofit Overview

The CMC Symphony Orchestra and Big Band are dedicated to presenting music to audiences that have not had the opportunity, or means, to attend top quality music performances by the leading artists in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
Because there are no intellectually significant film series on Women in the Arts and the development of the Big Band, the CMC is creating an eight-part 16 hour Movie in an Adult Graphic Novel format, Educationally Enhanced (EE), DVD series on Women in the Arts and the development of the Big Band.


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