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Project Overview

We need a skilled Wordpress expert and web design professional to help us update and clean up our website.

Our site was created several years ago -- because we don't have an IT professional on-staff, we've recently encountered several limitations with our Wordpress skins and plug-ins.

The primary objective of this project is simply clean-up -- we want someone who can help us remove unnecessary plug-ins and pages to improve the site's smoothness and navigation. We'd also like to update plug-ins that are currently running older versions and optimize some of the visual aspects of our site. Someone that could help us optimize the use of certain plug-ins, like our events plug-in, would also be extremely helpful.

Secondly, we've noticed that an increasing percentage of our traffic is mobile, and we'd like to retool our mobile skin so that it's more user-friendly. We have an existing mobile platform, we just want to make the experience a bit easier for site visitors to navigate.

As we prepare for our annual gala, we're expecting a big uptick in site visitors in the near future. We want to ensure that guests visiting our website for the first time have a smooth experience and are able to easily access all of the information they need to know about our event and our organization.

Additionally, we see the improvement of our website as essential to help people applying for our adoption assistance grants more easily submit grant applications and learn about our grant issuing qualifications.

Our two full-time communications managers will be handling this project. We're moderately familiar with Wordpress and can provide any resources necessary to complete the project -- we just need someone to help us with a bit of basic "housekeeping" to ensure that we're able to use our website more effectively moving forward.

Nonprofit Overview

Gift of Adoption is a national charitable organization that inspires adoption by providing grants to qualified parents – giving children who need families a permanent home and a chance to thrive.

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