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Step 1: Apply
Send the below info, and if interested, the nonprofit will select a time for a phone interview. You'll get a confirmation with everything you need to know.
Step 2: Interview

You'll have a 30 minute call to discuss the scope and deliverables of the project directly with Healed People, Heal People, and for them to confirm you're a good fit.

Step 3: Start

Once accepted, you'll be able to get right to work. We will check in with you periodically to make sure you have everything you need.

Project Overview

We have selected two, free, one-page templates that can be imported into Mailchimp. We need a professional to import them.
One template is for our herbs blog. One template is for our ministry blog. Even though it's a one-page template, when a viewer clicks on any part of the template, it will go to the content.
From viewing the template we're not sure if this "redirect" page is included in the template, or if this needs to be coded.
Our non-profit thrives on being a viable resource to help people with health needs and long-term life or business issues. We're shifting from communicating once a month in a very long blog to three times a week in a much shorter blog format.
In a Google folder, we have:
- the URLs to the two templates
- the royalty, free images to be used on the template
- the content for 1 of the 2 templates

Nonprofit Overview

To serve as a resource to resolve long-term health problems.

- natural herbs [versus traditional medicine]

- inner healing ministry for address long-term life issues that cause the physical issues

- train people, businesses and churches in how to serve [minister] to people with long-term problems

Healed People, Heal People
1 project
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely

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