Tutoria, Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
New York, New York
Project Management

Posted March 31
Member since 2017-05-15

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

Tutoria is a free online platform connecting seekers of knowledge services with volunteers eager to make a difference. Volunteers and clients can join our site at https://tutoria.io. They select their interests (English tutoring, US Citizenship, or legal aid) and availability. They then connect with one another via direct message.
As a growing online platform, we’re looking for a Change Management Lead with solid project management skills to manage our numerous cross-functional changes. The lead will be responsible for:
1) Managing all process and technology changes, working closely with our business functions and web developers;
2) Testing enhancements and bug fixes to our online platform; and
3) Helping onboard new web developers

Why Tutoria?: There is a strong demand from immigrants for education and legal services across the United States, and especially here in NYC. There is also a large supply of volunteers offering to teach such classes. The bottleneck is that connecting immigrants and volunteers is done manually by non-profit staff, who do not have the capacity to provide matching/scheduling services. The consultants will be working closely with Tutoria's leadership. The approach developed by the consultants will serve as an operating model for permanent Tutoria staff, once on-boarded.

Nonprofit Overview

To connect seekers of knowledge services with volunteers eager to make a difference.

Project management