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EQuip Our Kids!
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Los Angeles, California
Website development
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Posted April 06
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Project Overview

An estimated 90% of parents and 95% of the public don’t know that Emotional Intelligence learning even exists or that educators have developed a proven curriculum that educators call social-emotional learning. Our work is to generate parent or public calls for this curriculum to be comprehensively implemented as a critical component of the curriculum alongside academics (which learning they enhance). Our website is a key component in this work. We are undertaking revision and need a knowledgeable and collaborative builder of websites using WordPress and Elementor. You can turn design guidelines, copy, photos, and wireframes into finished pages, posts, and portfolios. Bonus points if you are familiar with any of the following: VFB Proforms, Block Editor, WooCommerce. The Deliverable is to implement our new palette of fonts and colors throughout our website for clearer, more consistent communications Also upgrade our landing page response forms and improve our online e-commerce presence.EQuip Our Kids! is a branding name for the youth and school aspect of our Big EQ Campaign work in unique public awareness service to a movement founded and led by educators and child-development experts. Children equipped with the range of EQ and other skills fare much better – they are more resilient and better able to adapt to change, better able to manage their feelings and actions, more able to cooperate and collaborate, to understand and be empathetic to others around them. Schools with comprehensive SEL see a sustained improvement in grades, attendance, student happiness and emotional well-being in and out of school. These schools also see sustained decreases in violence, bullying, students experiencing depression and anxiety, suicides, dropout rates, and drug/alcohol use. So does society as these students grow into adulthood.We have a large web platform and new content ready to post, including an Emotional Survival Kit for families now housebound. You will be working with a sophisticated Wordpress editor to implement a range of this and other work. Once each step is implemented, we will make it live immediately.


Nonprofit Overview

EQuip Our Kids! intends to be a mass advertising and marketing education campaign whose sole and huge vision is to galvanize the American public to include in every school's daily curriculum education for students and staff in emotional management and in relationship and co-creativity social skills – to the demonstrated and evidence-based profound benefit of children, teens, adults, the schools themselves, and society and business (the economy) as a whole. In education circles this is best known as Social and Emotional Learning


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