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The Verge Awards for Teens on the Verge of Greatness
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Milford, Connecticut

Posted May 28
Member since 2020-05-02

Project Overview

Promo video for our home page and social channels that will attract high school students, celebrities and sponsors to our nationwide high school variety showcase and weekly online benefits.

Also would love one that is suitable for social sharing for youth to express their emotions through song, dance, art, etc.:

TEXT in quotations
“This is a message to our youth:“
“If you feel something about what’s going on around you…” (Images representing us rising to the challenge:)
• Coronavirus pandemic. New heroes emerge
• No school. Missing friends. Social isolation. Performers rise to the occasion, Zoom parties, Facetime with grandparents
• Cancellation of high school proms, graduations. Teachers, principals, parents and celebrities show their love.
• No school plays, concerts, sports, science fairs, etc. The shows go online! (our home page)
• Racial inequality. The last straw of many. Massive peaceful protests drive change, new allies, new hope
“Whether you’re (replace each in text) angry, anxious, sad, hurt.. or optimistic and hopeful,”
“Tell Us. Show Us. Move us… through your art, your music, dance, writing, and more.”
“This is YOUR movement.”
“We’re listening… we’re watching... and we’re learning… we Promise”

This event is all about youth self-expression, celebration of teen talent, celebrity star power, and tremendous potential impact. It needs to look that way. We currently have a flat image as our home page - a video will knock it out of the park! In fact, without it, we look way too amateur.

We are straddling the need to celebrate these amazing kids and the need for some of them to express difficult emotions at this time.
Celebrities are beginning to line up!

Backend is built to receive submissions, it's the front end that needs help!
Need to do this asap (of course!).

Nonprofit Overview

This is a very emotional time for all of us... and I'm sure you can imagine thay teens are really feeling it too; they may be angry, scared, hurt or confused... or even hopeful and determined.

So we have created, a free and safe (online) space for teens to express their emotions through music, dance, art and their words. They will simply upload their submissions, then we’ll screen them for appropriate content and organize them into online galleries. (We encourage them to use stage names or social media handles instead of their full names, and we will never present their contact information.)

More than a gallery, we think young people with the gift of creative expression can move people of all ages. Twelve year old Keedron Bryant's viral performance of his song "I Just Want to Live" opened our ears, our minds and our hearts to the struggles of Black people, and Black youth in particular, in our country. Millions have stopped, listened, and felt his pain. And thus, millions have learned from him. Clearly, creative teens can begin building their own movement.

To further their impact, we will also produce weekly, star-studded high school variety benefit shows from their submissions, and donate 100% of profit from sponsors to organizations that support the designated cause each week. The first three episodes will support racial equality, coronavirus relief, and LGBTQ+ Youth, respectively.

Kristin Chenoweth, Megan Hilty, and Jess Vosk (Broadway TV, film and music stars) have already signed up to support this wonderful youth-led movement, and we are certain numerous celebrities in music, dance, photography, spoken word and more will do so as well.

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