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Mighty Ally Institute
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Nashville, Tennessee

Posted May 27
Member since 2018-10-31

Project Overview

We need a static graphic to illustrate our proprietary Four A's process for building a social sector brand. It should paint a picture of a holistic brand. And show how navigating our Four A's process helps achieve it.

Our Four A's process uses impact modeling (ambition), positioning (approach), organizational health (alignment), and marketing communications (amplification) to build strong brands from the inside out.

Current graphic:

Four A's explanation:

Only one in 1,000 social ventures will ever scale beyond a small business. Mighty Ally is a brand management consultancy that shapes resilient organizations and scalable brands.

But brand is an undeveloped practice in the social sector, even though it affects every aspect of an organization. The discipline often takes a backseat in the hierarchy of needs behind fundraising, staffing, and M&E. Like our clients, it's a barrier we face to achieving maximum impact.

Our definition of brand (and how to build a strong one) challenges the social sector's antiquated version. So our messaging must be crystal clear – both written and visual.

We've already written extensively to articulate our Four A's process, and we've lead dozens of clients through it. We've also sketched a rough graphic to use in the very short term. But we're hungry for a succinct, clear, compelling graphic developed by a professional designer.

Nonprofit Overview

Shaping growth-stage social ventures into resilient organizations and scalable brands.

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