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Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Posted May 22
Member since 2019-11-21

Project Overview

We are looking for Animation assistance to create various storyboards that clearly define our concepts, organizational beliefs, and the lives of the Hunters which inspired our NPO. The videos should be short stories no longer than 10 minutes. We would appreciate it if the videos could be sent in various file formats so we can share them with other social media platforms that we post on.

We are a young group of individuals who can admit we have no experience in the graphics or animation video world. We are new to the NPO world; Our founder was 15 at the time we started (now 18) but, within the last year we have gained momentum and our coalition of supporters has increased tremendously. We've received lots of press coverage and several bloggers have written about the H.M.M. project. Sadly, we are missing the fun element in our social media posts! We are afraid if we continue on this path our organization will lose some interest. That's why we are in desperate need of someone who has the ability and know-how to create animated stories in a visually engaging, creative way that is fun to watch and keeps the attention of people.
To make the process easy and move quickly the board has voted to give the Executive Director all rights in making a final judgment on videos or ideas the volunteer presents. In return, the ED will make herself available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or address concerns. She is willing to provide her personal cell phone number and email so you may have direct access without having to wait for feedback or answers.

Nonprofit Overview

The Hunter Memorial Mural aims to revitalize Chattanooga, celebrate our community’s rich diversity, and cultivate unity among its people. We aim to tell a visual story that communicates the past, present and future stories of the community. Our goal is to connect people, personalize spaces and activate civic dialogue to develop and sustain the revitalization of our shared environments, through helping create culturally vibrant and livable communities.

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