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Asianweek Foundation
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
San Francisco, California
Brand Development

Posted May 22
Member since 2020-05-21

Project Overview

We are looking to rebrand our organization with a modified name, possible new logo, and execution of roll out for our new identity.
After doing internal strategic planning and community discussion groups which we will share, we want to change our name from Florence Fang Asian Community Garden to Florence Fang Community Farm.
We want to take out the word "Asian" because our programs are much more multicultural now; keeping the "Florence Fang" name will continue to tie us to our roots being founded by the Asian American community.
We want to switch from "Community Garden" to "Community Farm" because our operations have grown much beyond a few garden plots to one of the largest food-producing farms in San Francisco.
This project will consist of 1.) Finalizing our new name, 2.) Developing a new logo or modifying old logo, 2.) Developing a plan to roll out the new brand, and 3.) Execution of roll out for new branding.
Below is a possible timeline for this project that is completely flexible to change. It anticipates a Zoom meeting every week or every other week
Week 1
Meeting: Introduction/History of Florence Fang Asian Community Garden (FFACG)
Task: Research FFACG materials
Week 2
Meeting: Introductions/History follow up & Social Media summary
Task: Communication and social media audit
Week 3
Meeting: Discussion of design and branding goals
Task: Creative process/design research
Week 4
Meeting: Follow up on discussion of design and branding goals
Task: Finalize design
Week 5
Meeting: Present 1st draft of logo design. Discuss Roll out of Rebranding (domain, SM handles, PR, etc)
Task: Review 1st draft. Make plan for re-branding role out
Week 6
Meeting: Design Feedback. Review roll out plan
Task: Revise design. Begin execution of roll out eg domain name, social media handles, PR, etc
Week 7
Meeting: Present final designs
Task: Roll out execution of new branding.
Week 8
Meeting: Review progress of roll out activities
Task: finalize roll out execution.
Florence Fang Asian Community Garden (FFACG) is San Francisco’s largest community farm with more regular volunteer gardeners and participants than any other gardening/farming operation in San Francisco. FFACG is also SF’s 2nd most productive urban farm, harvesting and distributing over 6,000 pounds of freshly grown produce to feed families in the neighborhood last year.
FFACG participants are 65% older adults, 20% youth, 60% Chinese immigrants who speak little English 25% African American, and 80% low-income. Due to language, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers, they are underserved by SF’s social programs and safety network. Our weekly Saturday food pantry with SF-Marin Food Bank served 200 local families. There are 60 volunteer community gardeners. FFACG has become an important community hub for healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability.
With FFACG’s rapid growth of community farmers and participating families we are reaching our physical capacity limits on site, limiting any further growth in numbers for our physical community. However, we still have a huge opportunity to grow our virtual community and spread the principles, vision and practices of FFACG to a much wider audience via social media, events and printed materials. In order to accomplish this, we need a name and branding that better reflects what FFACG has evolved into. This re-naming and re-branding project is a necessary next step, and will be a cornerstone, for building up our virtual community in the next chapter of FFACG’s growth and development.
FFACG’s demonstrated success, established operations, and continued growth are the foundation for this re-branding project. Last year, a volunteer committee conducted a re-branding analysis that recommended the name change. We are working on growing our social media presence now, have a robust website, and have conducted successful PR campaigns in the past. However, a big part of this project is to help execute the role out of the new name/branding. We anticipate at least half the time of this project will be spent on the nuts and bolts of implementing the new logo on all different platforms and media channels, and potentially doing some public relations outreach as well.

Nonprofit Overview

The mission of the Florence Fang Asian Community Garden is to reclaim public land for community benefit. We grow healthy families and healthy communities.

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Brand strategy