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Here to Serve
6 - 9 weeks
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Monrovia, United States of America
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Posted June 01
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Project Overview

Here to Serve, a nonprofit helping families of pediatric cancer patients, is looking for a seasoned, experienced social media professional who is adept at strategy and planning to help us write our social media plan. Simply stated, we are looking for professional help to develop a plan that will allow us to be known in pediatric cancer circles, bring new patient families who need our services, fundraise, and seek volunteers who can later become board members.
Are you working in digital media, and wish you could make more of an impact in people's lives, potentially changing their lives for the better? Do you have a desire to give back? Is pediatric cancer something that touches your heart? Do you want your digital media planning and strategy skills to be put to use at a quality nonprofit (Here to Serve that helps parents of critically-ill cancer kids? Do we have an opportunity or you!! Here to Serve has the best stories to tell. Even so, we have not done a great job getting visibility and growth on digital media especially with people who need our services, who want to volunteer, companies who would support us, and those who would donate to us...only if they knew who we are and the work we do! That is the challenge. Over the past eight years we have dabbled in social media and have not done much with our blog or email list in the way of digital campaigns. With the change of our delivery model after the Covid-19 outbreak, we have realized we missed the mark in digital media. Our services are outstanding (we are rated 5 stars in Great Nonprofits) but we have ignored digital media too long and realize it needs to be a centerpiece of our nonprofit marketing going forward. We want to be strategic about it and not haphazard as we have been in the past. We want a plan and we need a experienced social media professional to come up with digital strategies to meet our goals and write that plan. Is that YOU?! If so, please reach out to us.
May 2020, we launched a three-week test of social media posting every day at three different times on Facebook and Instagram to establish benchmarks. Our posts focused on educating people about Here to Serve. We have some learnings from this effort and are happy to share. However, we need a seasoned, digital media marketing expert who can work with our SMART goals and come up with strategies and write that plan. Someone who is excited about the work we do with childhood cancer families. This digital media marketing professional will lend their expertise and incorporate the best strategies and tactics because they have done this before and know what works in social media, blogs and email marketing.

Nonprofit Overview

We believe families with a critically-ill child should not have to lose their job, health, home or enter into bankruptcy to care for their child during a medical crisis. To help mitigate this, we mobilize people and resources to meet daily living requirements of families who do not qualify for government assistance.


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