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Posted May 29
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Project Overview

Amba Pim Pim: Motorbike/Taxi App for Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia

Motorbikes or Okadas as they are fondly called, are the fastest, convenient, and affordable means of transport for most people in Southern Cameroons/Africa. To catch a motorbike, customers must leave their houses and go to the roadside to hail a passing motorbike. In many cities, these motorbikes can also be dangerous, because they cause lots of accidents due to the nature of roads, and the fact that most motorbike drivers have no formal training, and are always in a hurry to drop a client to pick up another. They hardly respect any traffic signs. There are no reliable Okada accident data in Southern Cameroons, but, anecdotal evidence suggest that Okada accidents account for close to 60% of Southern Cameroon’s road accidents.

The objective of Amba Pim Pim is to design an android/ios app that users can download to their smartphones and use to request Okada’s to pick them up from their homes and villages to their destinations, as opposed to hailing them down on the road side. From a security standpoint, this app would be used to track Okada driver’s driving habits. Those involved in more than a certain number of accidents within a particular time frame would be unsubscribed from the app, and this would reduce or stop customers from calling them to pick and drop them. It is hoped that this measure will provide an incentive for Okada drivers to be more careful as they drive.
Computer Science Students at the University of North Texas helped design it as part of their senior capstone project. However, due to time constraints, they were unable to complete it. We do have all the documentation and what they did.

We would appreciate someone with professional experience in mobile app development to complete the app for use in Southern Cameroons/Africa. Over 80% of the work has been done, but we need a professional to complete it and put in the playstore and apple store.


Nonprofit Overview

VRF is a not for profit organization set up to assist victims and refugees of the conflict in Southern Cameroons.


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