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The Verge Awards for Teens on the Verge of Greatness
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Milford, Connecticut

Posted June 11
Member since 2020-05-02

Project Overview

Design - event flyer, images for social posts, for our home page and social channels that will cut through to high school students and potential sponsors about our nationwide high school variety showcase and weekly online benefits.

This online showcase is all about youth self-expression and celebration of teen talent, and the benefit shows will achieve and tremendous potential impact.
We are straddling the need to celebrate these amazing kids and the need for some of them to express difficult emotions at this time.

This is a highly relevant project that is potentially life changing for our youth; it's a way to help them express their feelings about everything that's going on around them right now, and to build their own movement for change - through their art.
Back end is ready, website is ready for now (multimedia project underway), just need to get the word out through eye catching graphics. Celebrities are lining up, so this is likely to lead to a longer term engagement as well. Not just a once and done - you can really have a huge impact on this wonderful movement!

Nonprofit Overview

This is a very emotional time for all of us... and I'm sure you can imagine that teens are really feeling it too; they may be angry, scared, hurt or confused... or even hopeful and determined.

It’s also a tough time for those whose spring high school and community plays, concerts, art exhibits, athletic tournaments and technology and science competitions were cancelled, and are learning that they are likely to be cancelled this coming fall as well. Educators are trying to find ways for these students to fulfill their performance or exhibit requirements and have indicated ours will be a perfect solution!

We're empowering teenage singers, dancers, musicians, artists, inventors, comedians and more to be see or be heard in dozens of virtual stages and galleries, join the Creative Force for Good and take part in cause-based challenges, and raise funds for those causes by “starring” in weekly, online, celebrity-filled variety benefit shows! It’s the "benefit concert" model, like the ones where celebrities perform to lift our spirits, raise awareness of issues, and help raise hundreds of millions of dollars for great organizations; but instead of celebrities, teens are the stars!

Millions of fellow students, parents, family members, educators and community members attend high school and community events every year – and this audience is highly valuable to businesses. So rather than crowdfunding from families that are struggling, we are inviting brands to sponsor the talent showcase and weekly benefit shows, and we will donate 100% of profit to the Youth Impact Foundation (our 501c3 charitable fund) to support causes such as racial equality, coronavirus relief, Vote 2020, LGBTQ+ Youth, School Safety, Adoption/Foster Care, Climate Change, Animal Welfare, and more.

With this cause marketing and sponsorship model, the bigger the audience, the more funds these amazing kids can raise! So Kristin Chenoweth, Megan Hilty, and Jess Vosk (Broadway TV, film and music stars) have already signed up to support this wonderful youth-led movement, and we are certain numerous celebrities in music, dance, photography, spoken word and more will do so as well.

If you can help make this a huge success, you will have been a part of something that is empowering and life-changing for the teens who participate, and that achieves tremendous social impact by enabling businesses to use their marketing dollars to support timely causes.

I look forward to working with you!
Linda Neaton


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