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Breaking Taboo
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Los Angeles, California
Mobile Development

Posted June 11
Member since 2020-04-24

Project Overview

Breaking Taboo is looking for volunteers that have experience with mobile app development to help with creating an app for Breaking Taboo. Breaking Taboo’s mission is to “break the taboo” around issues of mental health, with a primary focus on suicide prevention. It is vital for us to increase our platforms to make mental health education more accessible. We want to create an app that will help save lives and teach people about mental health.
Every 12 seconds someone dies by suicide in America, worldwide it’s every four seconds, but 90% of suicides are preventable. Breaking Taboo aims to save lives by promoting awareness, encouraging discussion, and providing accessible mental health education to the public. We use this app as a way to provide the public with vital information and encourage conversations about mental health. We have a vast array of mental health topics that we post and are currently in the process of completing our documentary. Our documentary is the first of it’s kind and will provide vital mental health and suicide prevention education. It will make suicide education to be available for worldwide public distribution and to be shown in schools across the country. The information we provide will help raise awareness and de-stigmatize mental health. The more awareness and education we bring, the more lives we save.
We already have a general idea of how we want our app to be structured and how it will be used. We are willing to work with the creativity of the app developer to implement ideas. View our current website at:

Nonprofit Overview

Breaking Taboo aims to do just that- break the taboo surrounding mental health and suicide. The goal at the forefront of all of our efforts is to save lives. The truth is, over 90% of suicides can be prevented, but the death toll has been steadily rising. Suicide does not discriminate, it is a phenomena that crosses all boundaries, and one in four people will suffer from a mental illness. One of the biggest problems is that people rarely address these issues, and even if they talk about it, they may not know what to do. Our mission is to provide vital, life saving education and tools to the public in a uniquely uplifting and assessable way, all while eliminating the taboo.


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