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Ruths Way Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Board Development

Posted June 17
Member since 2020-06-16

Project Overview

Board of Directors recruitment and retention plan- We have consistently received a variety of persons interested in joining our Board of Directors, but once serving they discover that the work is more than they had anticipated.

Why is this project priority for you at this stage? How would this project help achieve your organization's goals or further your mission? Why is this project a good investment of the skilled volunteer's time?

This project is priority for our organization at this stage because we realize that we cannot increase our organization's overall capacity unless we are lead by a strong team. Capacity building has to be achieved from the leadership on down. Once we are able to establish a strong leadership team, only then will we be able to strengthen and elevate our entire organization so that we are able to elevate our level of services provided to the young ladies and their families that we serve. This project is an excellent investment of the skilled volunteer's time because it will enable us to increase and elevate the level of services that we provide to our female youth. Currently, our Board of Directors consists of 2 committed individuals who have been with us for 15 years. Once we are able to extend our Board Members, we can finally relieve these 2 key members of the load of carrying out all board activities, which will ultimately produce a higher quality of services from persons who are not overworked.
We are well prepared to execute this project immediately since our current Board of Directors members and CEO have been diligently working on this current project for the past 3 months through position postings, reviews, interviewing, and onboarding new applicants. The expertise of a skilled volunteer would be an extremely smooth transition for the process that we are already actively engaged in.

Nonprofit Overview

To empower adolescent, at-risk female youth between the ages of 10-17 to realize their own voice and strength in their ability to control their own destinies and outcomes in helping them to achieve long-term success as ethical virtuous women of society. Through our unique process of Achievement Consultation, we teach adolescent girls the process of identifying their barriers to success, and then how to properly and effectively address these barriers so that they will become effective problem solvers and be properly equipped to conquer current and future life adversities. We specialize in reducing behavioral health issues and negative behaviors amongst adolescent girls so that they can more clearly focus on their current life priorities and their ability to achieve true success in their futures.


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