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6 - 9 weeks
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Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Posted July 31
Member since 2019-11-21

Project Overview

H.M.M. is gaining momentum and people are talking; although our team is small, young, and inexperienced we are elated to be leading the forefront in the art of being kind! We are hoping to introduce the next phase of the organization by providing individuals in need of encouragement or a kind word to call a phone number that will provide a (5) minute message of hope from prerecorded sermons from the late Mr. WC Hunter. Individuals using are welcome to call as man time a day they like without being charged a service. Our team is secure in many areas, but we are wise enough to know when something is out of our scope, therefore, we are reaching out to the experts in the multimedia field to help us determine how to set up this type of service and determine what is the best route or company to use.

If you are willing to help, we are willing to listen and honor your request. We are not ashamed to admit we do not know the best way to initiate this type of project so we need the help of a volunteer who is capable, understanding, and poses the know-how to get it done. We are hoping to raise awareness about our organization, encourage individuals, and understand any act of kindness via word or deed can change the life of someone.
The entire team appointed the Executive Director to make any decisions regarding the volunteer's advice. We believe this way will help save time when getting things approved. Finally, the ED will provide her personal cell number and be readily available when questions or concerns arise.

Nonprofit Overview

The Hunter Memorial Mural aims to revitalize Chattanooga, celebrate our community’s rich diversity, and cultivate unity among its people. We aim to tell a visual story that communicates the past, present and future stories of the community. Our goal is to connect people, personalize spaces and activate civic dialogue to develop and sustain the revitalization of our shared environments, through helping create culturally vibrant and livable communities.


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