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Planetary C.A.R.E.
6 - 9 weeks
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Portland, Oregon
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Posted November 20
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Project Overview

Help promote regenerative agriculture all over the world by helping us build the preeminent digital library for regenerative agriculture and the food sector.

We can easily add three to four more researchers. We have an onboarding & training process for using our research tool - Zotero.

Farmers are seeing both profitable and planet-saving results from the adoption of regenerative practices, but many still need the education and resources to help them make the transition. Planetary C.A.R.E. is a public benefit organization (blended nonprofit & cooperative) dedicated to bringing this community together and stewarding the innovation required to solve this challenge while serving every one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Planetary C.A.R.E. with the support of volunteers and Taproot Plus have grown steadily. We are grateful, that a significant percentage of the people who start on a single project has continued on taking on new part-time roles.

The research will be done across many specific areas (English only) and include reports, research, audio and video content all annotated with tags and key word associated.

This is an interesting and rapidly growing area of important work as we continue the progress of accelerating regenerative agriculture across the plant.

We have an active Research Circle leader by an Operational Leader. She will discuss the project and needs with you.

A research operations manual has been built.

This is now in an area of ongoing operations. We seek people who are able to commit a minimum of three-five hours a week (12-20 per month) for a minimum of eight weeks. This ensures we can cover the training time and ensure we are making good progress building the library.

On ongoing opportunity is available is desired.


Nonprofit Overview

Purpose: Building global resiliency through regenerative agriculture.

Planetary C.A.R.E. - Collaboration for Agriculturally Regenerative Engagement

Our mission is to transform the global chemical-based agri-business industry into one where a thriving, biodiverse soil becomes the foundation of agriculture.


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