Common Vision
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Nevada City, California

Posted December 01
Member since 2019-03-26

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

Common Vision needs support identifying the right CRM for our needs in fundraising and donor management. The comparison process is challenging as many of these platforms have holes in functionality that essentially requires multiple databases to be maintained. We currently have a CRM (daylite) that we have used for 8 years for programming and then our bookeepers maintains Quickbooks and often donor management is a hodgepodge. Supporting our tranistion to get set up in the CRM could be part of this project but it could also be seperate.
The combination of being a women-of-color led organization and being leaders in the school garden (and outdoor classroom) movement for 2 decades has recently sparked the interest of donors, foundations, and school districts. We went from a $200K annual budget to managing $1 million budget this year. We need a CRM system upgrade to support our growth and donor management.
Common Vision currently has two databases a CRM and Quickbooks as well as the personal contacts of our new ED and board members which have not yet ben integrated into out databasing. We are ready to devote staff time, board focus, time from our bookkeeper to assess whether its compatible with her systems, and hire new office support for the push required to get up and running in a new CRM.

Nonprofit Overview

Common Vision is creating a more healthy and just society by growing fruit tree orchards in low-income public schools. Since 2004, Common Vision has installed and tended over 250 school orchards across California that serve as outdoor classrooms, increase California’s urban tree canopy by 18 acres and growing, and produce over 100,000 pounds of fresh, organic fruit that is picked directly the tree by the hands of the kids who need it most.