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LearnUp Centers
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
San Francisco, California
Marketing Strategy
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Posted December 01
Member since 2017-02-06

Project Overview

Awesome Taproot volunteers took LearnUp's social media from almost non-existent to a nascent presence in our field.

Now we need a doer to take us to the next level.

Your job: build LearnUp’s visibility as a recognized leader in our field. Show that we have the best and most efficient reading program on the market that can teach kids to read in 3-4 months. In short, we need your help to spread the word.

Social media & Analytics:
Manage the daily posting schedule on social media platforms and monitor engagement through Hootsuite.
Build an online presence by increasing followers across all channels.
Community management experience: Engage, respond, and monitor our FB groups and Teachable communities.

Influencer outreach:
Build relationships with bloggers, influential teachers, thought leaders, and organizations in the industry, to increase brand reach.
Keep updating the media professionals/influencers list.
Create, update, and distribute creative briefs to influencers.

You can spend 5-10 hours a week identifying, connecting, and interacting with influencers and companies in our field.

50% of all American 4th graders can't read your #givingtuesday pitch. Much less their homework. We need you to cultivate and build LearnUp's presence in the field, attract more families who need tutoring and become the go-to brand for training in how to teach reading.

Help build LearnUp into a nationally recognized brand that gives parents, teachers, and our communities hope that all kids can learn to read. In short, your project is to help LearnUp get to the next level of social media marketing.

LearnUp needs a social media guru to carry on the great work done by previous volunteers. Thanks to awesome Taproot volunteers, we have a marketing strategy to strengthen our brand and build awareness during this national crisis and since Covid, we have had Taproot volunteers take our social media from almost non-existent to a nascent presence in our field.

Now we need a doer to take us to the next level.

Nonprofit Overview

LearnUp is a nonprofit literacy center based in San Francisco and Marin on a mission to teach all levels and types of learners to read.


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