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Posted April 07
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Project Overview

We are looking for someone with experience in selling art to help us find new galleries and assist in raising art-driven funds for our nonprofit, Rise of the Butterfly. We are looking for someone very articulate, and well-versed in communicating with galleries and other elements of the art world.

The premise of our nonprofit is to use art as a vehicle to drive both funding and awareness to the plight of sex-trafficking. In the past, our founder has had over a hundred art gallery shows, including working with artists such as Picasso, Basquiat, and Warhol. At this time, we have been focused on creating two books, as she is being considered for the Guggenheim Fellowship, and we would like to use these books as a tool for fundraising. However, working with more galleries and publications, as well as interior designers would be extremely helpful in increasing our revenue for these missions. If you have experience in the art world, and would like to liaison with potential new connections, we would be extremely grateful for the support and expertise. As we have simultaneously been creating a clothing line, where 100% of the profits will go towards survivor efforts, therein, we are spread thin, and could use support for several months in bolstering our exposure.

We have been working as a team for the last five years, and feel ready to expand with your help. You can explore more on our website, or read a little about us below.

Using art as a catalyst, our objective is to intersect art and activism to fund anti-trafficking organizations fueling conscious-raising actions and innovative, effective solutions. The promotion of personal transformation, resilience, community solutions, and agency are core values in our mission.

Our vision is to use artistic collaborations and actions to spread the message that we all have a responsibility to build a world where human beings do not own human beings and to end trafficking. To achieve our mission, we have garnered a team of revolutionary activist artists and influencers, and partnered with the largest and most established programs working to end global human trafficking, namely Voices4Freedom, Apne Aap, and Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW).

All profits from proceeds will directly support survivors and benefit these anti-trafficking organizations and their efforts.

We've created a spreadsheet with over a hundred potential galleries across the US that we would like to approach, along with the necessary contact information to do so. We have fully functioning websites both for the Rise of the Butterfly and Layla Love Art, with bios, press, and anything else needed to illustrate the artwork to potential galleries and art collectors.

Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to spark awareness of critical issues and ignite change through impact media, art and technology: creative activism.


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