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The Harvest Fund
4 - 5 weeks
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Posted April 07
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Project Overview

If you're looking for a way to give back and have a creative edge with a knack for graphic design, this may be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. We'd prefer for the visual assets to be designed via Canva so that they can easily edited in the future. The volunteer will be able to successfully: (1) Review the current brand style guide (2) Refine the current portfolio of graphics for social media, e-cards, video screenshots, and impact report (3) Redesign the graphics in Canva (4) Or provide recommendations or create mockups so somebody else can easily revise the graphics in Canva and (5) Have pride in knowing that you are doing mission-critical work to raise the awareness of the lives of women farmers living in extreme poverty in Africa.
We launched The Harvest Fund in September 2019 in Kafue, Zambia. Our model is one-of-a-kind and we want to use captivating graphics to show off our uniqueness and promote our brand. Plus, we want to increase general global knowledge about the lives of women farmers who live on $1+ a day; they may not have access to the internet to share their challenges and dreams, but we can do that for them. We believe this could be the start of a truly unique movement in the niche sector of agricultural development. You can choose to be use your special skills and be a part of it.
We anticipate this to be an effort that could take 5-20 hours but are open to working on this over a period of time. The volunteer will be a design and creative partner, working alongside the Executive Director. This could be a great opportunity for somebody with a knack for design and digital marketing and looking to extend their skills for an amazing cause. We love to work with creative volunteers who bring inspiration and ideas to any project.

Nonprofit Overview

The Harvest Fund works with registered Zambian women's farming cooperatives to bridge the "agricultural gender gap." In Zambia and similar countries, women are the backbone of agriculture yet toil away with their bare hands and feet as well as basic tools. As each cooperative progresses through a three-year program, they are linked to smallholder technologies, such as solar-powered irrigation systems, and trained in climate-smart agricultural practices. Through a hybrid model, The Harvest Fund combines its revenue generating model with a charitable mission: to ensure that these women and their families escape extreme poverty, avoid undernutrition, and fully educate the next generation.


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