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6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Brooklyn, United States of America
HR Management

Posted May 12
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

When facing a challenge, taking the time up front to understand and articulate an organization’s current context prior to designing a solution for that challenge will result in time-saved down the road and more sustainable solutions for the organization. During this project, a human resources expert will use an established framework and project guide to assess HR challenges within the context of an organization’s current state and propose a specific sustainable solution, as well as provide next steps to solution development and implementation.

What activities will be completed as part of the project:
1. Align on organization’s mission, vision and strategic priorities
2. Gather data from key stakeholders
3. Review current business systems and processes
4. Analyze and prioritize challenges and opportunities within HR
5. Gather and document requirements for proposed solution (scope of work)

What activities won’t be completed as part of the project:
1. The volunteer consultant will not implement the solution proposed
2. Strategic business planning

Key questions the nonprofit will need to answer:
What is your ideal end state when it comes to HR?
What is stopping you from what you want to do today when it comes to HR?
What would you do with unlimited resources?
What is the level of organizational readiness to adopt new systems and processes (leadership support, resources including talent, budget)?

Our organization are descendants of the Roma. The Roma are the largest recognized ethnic groups in Europe with a popuation of 12 million. It is our objective to educate and expand on the importance of cultural understanding in unison to ethnicity as an expansive platform to improve relations between our people and the outside world. Before and during WWII from 1935 to 1945 hundreds and thousands of Roma people were removed from their homes and placed in concentration camps. It is here that our people succumbed to the most grotesque and barbaric attocities recorded in history. Hundreds and thousands of Roma were experimented, tortured, and murdered under Nazi occupation of Europe. With this project we are pushing for the implementation of US educational prototype within the European Erasmus curriculum. If the youths of nations are not taught about the horrors inflicted by men towards marginalized subgroups then the past regrettably will be repeated. The Holocaust should not be an individual incident but taught in unison with WWII curriculum. All groups sacrificed from 1933 to 1945 should be commemorated, the infirmed, feeble, insane, migrants, refugees, and homosexuals. Even the expansive experiments and torture endured on twins including children.

Description of what the deliverable will include and look like (deliverable):
1. Discover deliverable: A brief that includes a summary of findings from the discovery process and a set of prioritized recommendations on how to move forward in addressing key challenges
2. Design deliverable: A document that describes in detail what solution or solutions the organization will need to implement in order to move toward their desired state. This should be focused on prioritized solutions and not include solutions to more than two identified challenges. The document should essentially be a Scope of Work that includes: a project description , an estimated time-frame for completing the project, the resources needed to complete the project successfully, including the type of talent or skills needed.

Nonprofit Overview

To promote, educate, and advocate for a change in public policies and legislature for the inclusion of the Romani People


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