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Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Manhattan, New York
Accounting & Finance

Posted July 22
Member since 2020-09-20

Project Overview

Project overview:
A Financial Analysis project defines the costs of an organization’s programs, a potential expansion, or revenue generation. The resulting financial model equips staff with data for assessing past financial decisions, evaluating current costs and revenue generation, and/or forecasting future costs.

Project deliverables. The skilled volunteer will complete some or all of the following:
Financial Model: Excel-based tool for gathering data that capture the costs of an initiative
Financial Analysis: Report that analyzes data collected using the financial model
Complete in-depth investigation and analysis of the full cost structure around a program, site, or revenue stream
Training and documentation on how use the Financial Model in the future

We need an accountant / CPA who specializes in non profit in New York to help us to set up our accounts and get the Quickbooks online going.
We could also use help in filing 990EZ for 2021 when the time comes.

Project impact. The project will impact our organization in the following ways:
Strengthened internal capacity to collect and monitor the right financial data
Better understanding of actual program costs and other financial information necessary for making strategic and operating decisions, including more efficient revenue generation and better service/product pricing
More successful grants proposals and improved reports through better articulated costs
Better understand the costs associated with running a particular program

Skills necessary for this project:
Accounting: The production of financial records about an organization to show the economic resources under the control of management.
Auditing: A systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances (financial or otherwise) of an enterprise for a stated purpose
Budgeting: Estimating the revenue and expenses of an organization over a specified future period of time, and the planned allocation of available funds to each department within that organization for that period.
Cost Analysis: Calculating the costs of a project or decision to identify the impact in terms of true costs, inconsistencies, or potential savings.
Financial Analysis: Evaluating finance entities such as businesses, projects, and budgets to determine their suitability for investment or reinvestment.
Financial Planning: Setting the steps to accomplish a financial goal or address a financial issue (such as debt elimination).


Nonprofit Overview

Supporting families with children battling cancer emotionally and financially


Cost analysis
Financial analysis