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Kansas City, Missouri
Program Design
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Posted October 15
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

We are in the early stage of implementing programs for the organization we are looking for someone to help create a detail guide to explain better the following:
Process Evaluation
Outcome Evaluations
Impact Evaluation
The role may also include reviewing and setting clear goals for the organizations programs according to the strategic objectives of Creative Emajinations
Detail the programs from start to completion involving deadlines, milestones and processes
Develop or approve budgets and operations (If this is something you can help with for each program)
Devise evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine the need for improvements
The goal is to ensure every program will be delivered successfully and add the highest possible value to the organization. The project is a priority at this stage as we are growing in the number of participants and as we anticipate new partnerships this information will be a priority when communicating so they will know what to expect. If you are passionate and are a supporter of the Arts we can't wait to hear from you.
We have prepared drafted documents that we are able to share with the expert. We will also create a guide so that the expert will review to have a clear idea how they can get involved. The project will be used to share written detailed information to our stakeholders and clients.

Nonprofit Overview

Creative Emajinations exsist to provide performance arts services to youth that do not get receive these services due to lack of resources.


Business planning
Product development
Program development