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Palms for Life Fund Inc.
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Bronxville, New York
Marketing Strategy

Posted November 08
Member since 2021-05-17

Project Overview

We are a small-staffed nonprofit with low operations costs and budget but have big visions and also big projects. Ideally, we'd be able to generate more funds (really to stabilize operations) through a) donations b) products c) partnerships. We have not been very successful in attracting or retaining consistent donors and need strategies for how to grow our community through social media, marketing, outreach, etc.

The main challenge is that we have a small budget (ie have budgeted for interns only to assist with marketing) and I, not a marketing expert, am overseeing the whole thing. It's been a challenge to see how we can best make use of the limited time we have with all the tasks that need to be accomplished so that we are doing marketing activities that are efficient and improve brand visibility and engagement. So we need a plan that takes into account these restrictions. We can budget for a marketing expert to help us on a part-time basis but not much more beyond that.

A plan that we can implement in-house through an intern, me, and a part-time marketing consultant would be ideal.

Our flagship program Faces of Hunger is an annual film festival about food issues worldwide. We also work in developing large-scale early childhood care centers in Africa. Both of these ventures/missions are meaningful and with tremendous potential for engagement/attention - the film festival as a platform for food activism and the projects in Africa could be successful models to replicate.

What we are missing is a guiding hand that tells us what we need to focus on in order to bring our nonprofit to the next level in terms of brand recognition and engagement. Because the work is there and it's fantastic.

After a successful festival season of stunning films about food issues, we just itched for a bigger audience to join in the conversation - the potential of the festival is truly sky-high. We want to grow to be a voice on many outlets (podcast, youtube, festival, social media) that is recognized in the food activism sphere. With our anti-poverty work abroad, we would like to have engaged donors and community members who follow our work, support our mission of delivering back basic human rights to communities worldwide.

I'm not sure about preparations other than having discussed with the team that this is a priority that needs to happen now and we're ready to set time aside for this. We are ready to implement the deliverables now! We have interns who can create the content that's necessary and promote it - we need help knowing the best way to do that and the best content to create. The goal would be for the 2022 Film Festival season to have a much wider spread and for us to grow the community following our antipoverty work in Africa.

Nonprofit Overview

Palms for Life Fund’s mission is to advocate for and support the creation of infrastructure that provides access to education, food, water and sanitation for vulnerable communities throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia. We operate from a basic human rights perspective – because access to safe and sustainable food, water, sanitation and education is a right not just a humanitarian issue.

An important part of Palms for Life’s mission is also to raise awareness about hunger and poverty. In 2009, Palms for Life launched the Faces of Hunger film contest in which young filmmakers all across the country revealed the nature of hunger in their communities. FOH has since become an annual, global event. We have partnered with New York University as well as Universities Fighting World Hunger.


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