Inclusive Adventures Inc
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Punta Gorda, Florida

Posted November 23
Member since 2021-11-21

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

Salesforce for Nonprofits - Set up, configure, and import 20,000 records in CSV files from past much simpler CRM and CSV of marketing research leads. Records should be grouped in categories as imported using existing group or category identifiers from past CRM. Important not to lose any historical data such as notes. Some CSV's would probably benefit from some data manipulation/cleaning/removing automated notes from previous CRM before. Import Configure so it can be used for email marketing. We set up Salesforce for nonprofits in the past but got nowhere struggling to import data.

I believe there's a way using a Google map when we are in a city or region, or collaborating on an event, to look up all existing contacts around that area and be able to send email communication to all of the search results, or simply click on each one to see their contact details.

Run records through Salesforce AI to fill in as much missing data as possible and duplicate.

We have received donated a very targeted database of 18 years of relationships and contacts with disabled individuals, veterans, therapists, professionals, and organizations that support persons with disabilities from a board member. But we haven't been able to utilize or leverage it or reach out and contact those individuals and organizations effectively. Currently forced to keep notes of conversations or communications in Google Contacts.

Having a clean and organized way to record interactions and relationships, search for and target specific groups of prospective participants, sponsors, donors, and maintain regular communications with them would hugely improve our impact by simply making all the work we do every day so much more efficient! Having this available in the cloud to collaborate with supporters will further amplify the useful impact. Not having this has held us back from implementing marketing projects and fundraising such as on Giving Tuesday.

We believe implementing this project at this time could have more impact on the organization's success and increase reach and impact by many multiples greater than anything else we can and will do this coming year. The time is right.

Executive Director, Mark Felling has worked with many different CRM's in the past 25 years. Data is currently organized into approximately 5-10 CSV files. Implementing Salesforce faltered last year simply for lack of time with all other responsibilities. Need someone with deep familiarity and experience using Salesforce especially configuration for smooth data import.


Nonprofit Overview

Mission: To empower all to contribute their talents to the best of their abilities.
Give Perspective. Create Possibilities. Change a Life. Strengthen Community.

Inclusive Living keeps people at home, engaged in their community through coaching and assessments. Home modification design, accessible personal transportation, small business self-employment, telework from home. Because we all need to feel a part of and engaged in our communities

Inclusive Technologies provides Assistive Technology Tools that Empower thru Independence. Providing guidance from disabled experts who intimately understand. Ease acquisition by bridging the murky waters of bureaucracy, insurance, and funding. Why: We all need tools to make a future seem tangible.

Inclusive Adventures inspires, motivates, and educates thru life-changing experiences. We stimulate a fundamental shift in perspective from programmed, vulnerable dependency to confident, capable self-determination. We all need to feel we have a future with possibilities.