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NY Small Farma
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Rhinebeck, New York
Copy writing/editing

Posted December 06
Member since 2021-10-25

Project Overview

We are in need of assistance with copy writing for 2-3 months worth of social media posts on the following issues:

Overarching topics are social justice, economic inclusivity, and environmental regeneration in NY's newly legalized cannabis industry.

We are an advocacy organization whose mission is to foster a socially just environmentally regenerative and economically inclusive cannabis community. Specifically, promote sun-grown, pesticide-free, cannabis grown with organic, permaculture, regenerative, and sustainable practices. We further promote limits to single-use plastics and work to ensure the small farmer, small business operator, new entrepreneur, legacy operators, and social equity applicant (women, distressed farmers, and BIPOC community) are given a fair and level playing field in NY’s newly legalized cannabis industry.

We use our social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook as a tool to educate the general public, cannabis stakeholders, and decision makers on these topics. Examples of topics and issues for content writing are social justice and cannabis, regenerative cannabis farming, problems with monoculture cropping, environmental impacts of large carbon footprints, cooperatives, community gardens, homegrow, general information about cannabis (health benefits, growing, storing processing), and the need for small businesses and level playing field for small operators, etc.

We are one of the only advocacy groups looking to ensure the new regulations consider community AND environment.

Currently, indoor cannabis cultivation is the nation's most resource-intensive crop and constitutes 1% of total US energy use - on par with coal mining. We present more sustainable and environmentally friendly methods for cultivation and processing that also benefit local communities and local economies. We work to ensure regulations safeguard the highest quality product that is safe for the consumer and the environment as well as safe for the farmworker and beneficial for the community where the farm is located. Among things we advocate for is lowest carbon footprint, limited single-use plastic, and synthetic pesticide and fertilizer-free grows.

In addition, we advocate for craft and small-scale operations that enable equity applicants and women to own businesses, all of who are historically underrepresented in farming.

NY is currently undergoing the process of writing the regulations and rules for the framework of this new industry and we believe NY can set the standard and be a model for the nation to create an industry focused on fair application of the tenets of our mission.

Social media is an integral tool in our mission to educate the public on these issues and encourage them to get involved. Due to the stigmatization surrounding cannabis, it is difficult for us to get funding and volunteers to help us. Please consider helping us with this good cause.

We have a social media committee that is ready to work with the volunteer in providing information and topics on which to write copy. We are ready to go. We just need your help!

Nonprofit Overview

Our MISSION is to foster a socially just, environmentally regenerative, and economically inclusive cannabis community.


Copy writing