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Centurions Michigan
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Jackson, Michigan
Website development

Posted December 20
Member since 2021-12-02

Project Overview

Centurions Michigan is looking for a volunteer to help us make updates to our existing website. We are a new nonprofit that is almost ready to begin rescuing people from human trafficking-- but not just rescue. We want to also rehabilitate them so they do not return to their trafficker. In addition, we want to educate people on the presence of human trafficking in their communities. With this two-pronged approach of rehabilitation and community education, we hope to eradicate trafficking in Michigan.
The Michigan State Police Department is eager to have our help in finding and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking. We need to be able to: 1) give human trafficking victims a clear way to contact us; and 2) provide potential donors a beautiful, clear, informative site so they can be confident in giving to our cause. Will you help us?
We already have a website: And we have a Google Drive folder containing content we need to be added to the site. We are also actively seeking on job search sites for an ongoing volunteer to help us maintain the site long-term. The trustees of the organization as well as perhaps others on the team will happily meet virtually with the Taproot volunteer as often as needed to make this happen.

Nonprofit Overview

To educate the community on human trafficking and aide law enforcement on all levels to identify, rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.


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