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Stress Is Gone Org Inc
6 - 9 weeks
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Montebello, New York
Grant writing/development

Posted January 06
Member since 2021-12-30

Project Overview

I wrote a workbook that helps veterans reduce their PTSD symptoms. I teach the techniques in the book to veterans and first responders at the New York Open Center and the Omega Institute. I would like a grant writer to help obtain funding so we can print the book and get it to more veterans. Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

Two years ago I successfully completed a GFM campaign to get the book to the homeless veterans that are living in NJ shelters. Here is the link for that campaign:

Brett Cotter has taught the Stress Is Gone Method to our AmpSurf Instructors in-person and virtually. Our instructors have taught thousands of disabled veterans, first responders, adults, and children to surf. Part of Brett’s workbook is included in our training materials, as we want our instructors to be able to quickly de-escalate anyone having a stressful experience in the water. We share Brett’s workbook “3 Keys to Managing PTSD” with the veterans at our events. Any VSO can benefit from Brett’s instruction and the Stress Is Gone Method. ~ Dana Cummings, AmpSurf Founder, USMC Veteran (Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm)

The veterans were especially grateful for the tool that was provided that helps them de-stress whenever they like. ~ Jaqueline Yoshimura, Rehabilitation Services Dept. of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, West Palm Beach FL

My book is the first of its kind. It brings together time-tested techniques and technology to stop stress from decimating our health. Combat veterans have an uphill battle. Most of us will never understand what it's like to live with a routine series of life and death memories. How that affects our mind and behavior. Luckily this workbook provides veterans with a simple step-by-step guide to process the trauma and emotion inside those memories. This process can help anyone break free from past pain and regain control and perspective in everyday life. Once we have grant funding to print books we will start delivering workbooks to veteran service organizations who will in turn distribute to the people they serve.


Nonprofit Overview

To deliver best-in-class stress relief tools to high-risk demographics such as military veterans, inner city youth, victims of natural disasters and those involved in community tragedies.

Stress Is Gone provides the knowledge, guidance, and pathway to transform the impact stress has on our lives. We walk toward our vision of a stress-free humanity by offering year round relief that works.


Grant writing