Clear Water Nitrate Reduction Education
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Website development
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Posted January 25
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

We need the help of a skilled website or web application designer to create a web application that will help educate children on conservation practices. The volunteer will be working with Microsoft Azure to design the application. The volunteer will be developing the app from the curriculum that we are developing and adding the information into the application. Nutrient pollution from agriculture pollution is the most damaging water pollution problem in the United States. Because of the increased demand for digital education materials, we need to develop this software now to help children understand the importance of conservation. With the help of a skilled volunteer, we will be able to deliver this project to ensure children in rural areas are educated in the programs available for conservation as well as new innovative technologies. So far, we have hired project managers to complete the conservation practice management process and we are working with a teacher to write the curriculum that will be used in the application. We are working with a graphic designer as well to create graphic designs for the application. We will implement this project once it is complete by using the web application with our website as a subscription-based service for free and then sell the curriculum to schools as well.


Nonprofit Overview

To reduce pollution using hybrid water filtration systems, research at the professional and undergraduate level, and water quality experiential learning education for local k-12 school children.


Web front end (js/html/css)
User interface design
Web development