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Black Women's Wall Street
1 - 3 weeks
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Mansfield, Texas
Grant writing/development
3 projects

Posted March 01
Member since 2021-08-26

Project Overview

We're looking for passionate and creative writers with grant writing and grant award experience with grant peer review experience a plus to edit curated content and craft social impact narratives for grant applications, LOIs, Proposals, Donor/Sponsor engagement, and Letters of Support.
The grant funding is needed for our capacity-building and revenue-generating strategic plan:
1. Mission and core initiative: To obtain funding for our Idea 2 Inception Entrepreneurship Program (i2IEP) participants, their business expenses and consulting needs, and Business Plan Pitch Competition
2. 3-brand infrastructure development plan: Our administrative/operational, personnel, volunteer appreciation, and internship program (honorarium/stipend) costs.
3. The Boardroom radio show broadcast and studio costs, advertising costs for our i2IEP participants, and other women who can't pay for advertising.
4. i2IEP Mobile App development project and i2IEP Entrepreneurial Mindset/Mental Health & Expo initiative
5. Our community engagement activities, The Connect Mixer & Vendor Event, and MOU collaborations /projects.This project will be worth your time as a pro bono consultant because it offers a rich, beneficial, and value-added with an opportunity to let your creativity and expertise shine for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a 3-brand infrastructure: Entrepreneurial Development Organization (EDO), "Idea 2 Inception Entrepreneurship Program” ("i2IEP"), “The Boardroom with Black Women’s Wall Street, Inc." Radio Show).
BWWS has exciting new opportunities, activities, and collaborations that are before us and ones we are actively pursuing which requires a seasoned and expert touch from someone passionate about helping Black women in business get the funding we need to go to next level equipped with a full-service space for our various "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem" business activities!
Asahi Pompey, global head of corporate engagement and president of Goldman Sachs Foundation was asked “What are some of the things you learned?" and she said: "Black women-led organizations need a number of things. They need access to trust-based funding with less restrictive requirements. They need multi-year commitments so that they can plan and build and implement the work, the good work that they’re doing. And they also need — and this is a particularly important one — visible sponsorship and validation from institutions and across sectors that can really help them to have impact.”
We are positioned and designed to be a voice, space, and advocate for Black women in business who are nonprofit, social enterprise, microenterprise, and microbusiness founders who need support, help, and training that BWWS was designed to provide! Help us on this journey to the next level by tapping into your grant writing creativity so that we can serve more Black women and communities locally and globally!
This project is for Impact Legacy Change Agents and Advocates of Socio-Economic Philanthropy! The desire to make a difference on the grassroots level where impact is most needed and felt is a calling and purpose-filled assignment! If you're an impact creative, join us and help move our mission forward to get the funding our 501(c)(3) nonprofit Entrepreneurial Development Organization (EDO) and "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem" requires!
We have the curated content, grant opportunities, funding needs, and some of the talent/skills team we need to help work on the project. Getting an expert pro bono consultant to partner with us to create a Logic Model/Theory of Change, review and edit curated content, fill the knowledge gap, and craft the social impact narrative for capital campaigns and comprehensive fundraising proposals and LOIs. We have grant applications, other funding opportunities )ARPA, EDA, etc.), and collaborative/MOU opportunities (mental health, veteran/transitioning military, etc.) that we need to pursue ASAP!


Nonprofit Overview

Purpose. Black Women’s Wall Street, Inc. dba BWWS (“BWWS”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Entrepreneurial Development Organization (EDO) (“BWWS EDO”) with a particular focus on Black women (both African American and African women) in business. We want Black women to go beyond just “starting” a business to launching business ventures with the intent to monetize their intellectual property, generate revenue, and become sustainable and scalable! We are a bit different from your typical nonprofit organization because BWWS EDO is also designed to be an “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”!

Mission. Our mission at Black Women’s Wall Street, Inc. is to empower Black women who aspire to become business owners by equipping them with startup business training, financial literacy and education so they can impact local and global communities!

Vision. We "Empower. Educate. Equip!" Black women in business so they can "Believe It. Build It. Own It!" through our "Idea 2 Inception Entrepreneurship Program” ("i2IEP"), “The Boardroom with Black Women’s Wall Street, Inc." Radio Show and our on-air "Beauty & Brains Spotlight" segment, “The Connect” Mixer and Vendor Events (Arlington Edition and Collin County Edition) as well as our various community engagement business activities and strategic collaborations.


Grant writing
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