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Grant writing/development

Posted May 10
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

Our organization is looking for 1-2 volunteers to assist in writing a state-funded grant. We are a fairly new organization with lots of experience. More details would be given during an initial conversation.We serve adolescents and families struggling with Mental Health, Substance Misuse and looking to improve their overall wellness. Our goal is to reach families and youth with the hopes of lowering the stigma around mental health and substance in addition to changing the lives of those already struggling.

There are a few grants available through SAMSHA that our organization is looking into. Due to the fact that this is a start-up organization we would like to find someone willing to assist us in grant writing with the potential of a future paid position. We are looking to grow our organization significantly over the next 3-5 years. There is no doubt we have a need and would love to get going through funding.

There is a deadline for any of the grants chosen, more would be discussed during our first conversation. We are a woman ran business, with our own family stories, seeking to change the lives of our future generation.We have everything narrowed down to 2 different grants we are interested in. The plan is to have an initial meeting to discuss the needs of the grant and how the project will look. The potential volunteer would have the opportunity to ask any questions before making a decision. This will be our first State-Funded grant to apply for, but in our area, only 1 other organization has a grant. For our organization, this is a huge benefit.

There are multiple parts to the grant. We have 2 co-founders that will be involved as much as needed. Weekly meetings will be scheduled unless decided differently to ensure questions are answered and the project is complete in a timely manner. All volunteers will have our email and personal cell to reach out at any time.


Nonprofit Overview

You Abound's mission and focus is to strengthen communities through supporting overall wellness, by providing drug prevention and mental health education, therapeutic yoga, and inspirational resources.


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