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The National Museum and Center for Service
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Edmonds, Washington
Marketing Strategy

Posted May 05
Member since 2022-05-04

Project Overview

Seeking a volunteer to help support our organization with managing our social media accounts. We currently operate on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and are looking to engage more and reach more people on each of these platforms. Ideally the volunteer will post on these account 2-3 times and week and will be open to engaging with followers regarding NMCFS's mission. Volunteer should be comfortable using Canva Pro and willing to search for local news stories/grants/volunteer opportunities from affiliated organizations the highlight service.We are an organization predominantly run by volunteers with large plans for placing a service museum at the center of our nation's capital. Our social media accounts are at the center of helping us spread our message!We have compiled some resources for you to being using as soon as you're ready! You'll also have access to our branding kit and Canva Pro and Buffer accounts to help with the creation and posting processes.


Nonprofit Overview

The National Museum and Center for Service began as a vision of Congressman Brian Baird. While in Congress, Brian traveled to some very difficult parts of the world, from war zones, disaster areas, and places with unimaginable human suffering. Yet no matter how hard the conditions, no matter the challenge or risk, they always found Americans putting themselves on the line to help others. Sometimes they were from official agencies of our government, sometimes they were with established organizations large or small, and sometimes they were just individuals who felt a calling to make a difference.

We have all seen examples of this, and know people who deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the community.

Just as we find it appropriate, even necessary, to honor the service and sacrifice of our men and women in the military, we should also find a way, and have places, to honor those who serve without uniforms or weapons. Because that spirit of service is just as fundamental to our nation and who we are as a people, just as vital to our democracy, and just as important to how others in the world view America.

That is why it is long past time to establish the National Museum and Center for Service. A place in our Nation’s Capital to celebrate and inspire service in all its forms from the founding of the nation to the present day.


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