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Twisted Tails, Inc
6 - 9 weeks
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Phoenix, Arizona
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Posted May 17
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Project Overview

Create and schedule a social media (Instagram and Facebook) campaign for 6 - 12 months.
We would provide our photos and our Canva professional login which includes a scheduler. We have no office staff to support our programs with rescue animals and human healing therapy. We recently partnered with another group in our community - Fostering Hope ( along with the many foster groups and community outreach organizations to provide animal healing therapies at no-cost to our community. We operate strictly on donations and grants.

We are actively pursuing grants and donations to ensure we have safe facilities, tools for therapy and feed for our animals. This takes significant time away from me (President) and our other part time volunteer for pursuing our marketing programs - which go hand in hand with grant writing (our social media presence is part of grant evaluations!).

Creating a scheduled social media program will support our mission in many ways. Although we understand the value of a good marketing program, we are hampered by a severe lack of resources. Our grants and donation acceptance are struggling due to our inconsistent media program. This in turn, impacts our ability to serve our community with healing therapies which are so needed right now. As stated previously, we understand the criticality of a social media program. We take photos constantly to document our programs, however, creating posts and publishing them on a regular basis is overwhelming us.

We have an outline created, photos and our brand kit uploaded to our Canva Pro app which also includes an auto scheduler.

During the project, it will be easy to coordinate via the Canva Pro app to pick photos, messages, dates for posts, etc. I am new to Canva, but am enjoying the ability to create professional posts and more.

I'm open suggestions for dates, times and numbers of posts per week.

Time frame for how long it will take (question below) is purely a guess. :)


Nonprofit Overview

Twisted Tails is a special healing animal & human rescue and sanctuary.
Our mission is to restore trust, mend hearts and heal - animal & human.​​


Content management
Marketing management
Social media strategy