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Can be done remotely
Marietta, Georgia
Website development

Posted May 17
Member since 2021-07-13

Project Overview

Girl Now Woman Later Inc is looking for a complete refresh of the website to help create more brand awareness in the space. We hope that this should help us grow our physical and social media presence.

We currently have a subscription to Wix and a current website that has the bulk of the information that we would like on the new website. We have a communication intern that works with website development, in addition to volunteers and board members who can assist with needed tasks.

We currently have less than 200 followers on LinkedIn and Facebook. However, our presence on Twitter and Instagram has a lower base of followers. Our primary point of engagement is our LinkedIn site, where we have 250 followers, followed by Twitter, with a much lower base of followers.

Key deliverables:
Suggestions on creative direction.
Proposed design changes for the website, including a donor space.
Simplified site structure that enables easy staff maintenance for news, announcements, donations, and events.
Girl Now Woman Later Inc. (GNWL) is a start-up, non-profit organization created in 2020 to promote girls’ education in Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is one of the few countries in the world where girls don't get to experience being a girl because of various reasons such as child marriages, school dropout, or sexism (i.e., being discriminated against because of their gender). Our mission is to increase the school retention rate and graduation rate among middle and high school girls in Burkina Faso. We are seeking to build an after-school center where we will offer tutoring and professional skills.The current board of directors for Girl Now Woman Later will be points of contact for this project. The redesign will be reviewed and approved by the board. Then, we will seek out developers to help us implement the recommendations.


Nonprofit Overview

Girl Now Woman Later, Inc. hopes to increase the literacy rate, especially among girls, and also, to increase the graduation rate among females from middle school and high school in Burkina Faso.


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User interface design
Web development