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1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Mechanicsville, Maryland

Posted August 07
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

Having a professional logo early on is crucial to optimizing branding and successfully marketing a new nonprofit. Having a recognizable, professional-looking, and attractive logo can increase the profile of an organization, and consequently its mission and impact on the community as well as serve as a powerful marketing and recruitment tool. During this project, a graphic designer creates a logo design that speaks to the nonprofit’s focus on animals and their care. The logo's design will be informed by research into communication goals and the key audience. From here the graphic designer creates a design that meets those needs and can be used by the social media manager and web developer to inform website and social media marketing.Branding and logos are an essential component for effective marketing and operation of a nonprofit. This is no less true for an emerging animal rescue, like ours, at Chesapeake Rescue Alliance. Successful marketing at this stage, as we are first presenting ourselves to the public, would allow us to efficiently communicate our mission to our community, enhance our engagement, and expand our organization’s volunteer force, reach and growth rate. Together, this would greatly enhance our ability to meet the needs of the local animal population through more efficient recruitment, fostering, volunteering, trap, neuter, and release, facilitating veterinary care, and more. Further, supporting this project, as a skilled volunteer, would directly enable our charitable organization to help more animals in desperate need of support. We would deeply appreciate a volunteer taking the time to help us with this task so we can more efficiently accomplish our mission.

What activities will be completed as part of the project:
-Analysis of the nonprofit’s desired logo features
-Creation of a draft logo design options that incorporate the nonprofit’s brand identity and key message
-Communication and limited revisions to design to ensure compatibility with mission and brand
-Delivery of a final logo design deliverable in various formats including vectors, jpeg, png, psd, etc.
All social media accounts have been created. A concept design for the logo has been developed. Upon receipt, logo will be integrated into existing social media, website, educational and promotional materials for immediate dissemination. Our volunteers are informed and standing by to implement these changes asap.


Nonprofit Overview

As a foster–based non-profit, Chesapeake Rescue Alliance protects animals in the Chesapeake Bay area and beyond. We connect animals in need to safe homes and facilitate their access to quality veterinary care. The rescue also provides foster, adoption, mandatory spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return, education and outreach services to support the well-being of animals within the community at-large. This organization emphasizes transparency and integrity while providing educational resources to support the humane treatment of animals.


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