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The FAM Music
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Los Angeles, California
Board Development

Posted August 04
Member since 2021-01-30

Project Overview

Looking for help building a pipeline of talent that will take the initiative in our small but passionate nonprofit!

Below is a basic scope, but willing to discuss as needed --

What activities will be completed as part of the project:
Discovery interviews with relevant staff and a review of the organization’s strategic plan, existing board-related documentation, and other human resources-related information.
A basic market analysis that describes the current recruiting environment and identifies recruiting possibilities and challenges.
A gap assessment that maps the current board against the needs of the nonprofit and highlights recruitment priorities and is the basis for position profiles.
Provide marketing and recruitment guidelines, such as key messages, and a marketing action plan which includes communications guidelines, a timeline, and task assignments for those in charge of implementation.
Creation of an evaluation guide describes how to introduce and review board candidates, guidelines for accepting them or turning them down, deferring, or repurposing candidates, from pipeline candidates to nominated directors.The FAM is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to make the music industry more accessible, collaborative, and mentally healthy. We are a movement for positivity and long-term relationship cultivation - we understand that everyone we meet can add value if we are open to it.
Our small but passionate 501(c)3 team is looking for volunteers for our committees that may end up on our Board of Directors in 2023!
If you are interested in contributing to a better music industry for yourself and for future professionals and artists, we’d love to chat.
Our main focus for 2022 is raising money and hosting events so we can create more opportunities to positively impact aspiring and young music professionals and artists. Particularly, we are raising money to expand our Mentorship program and create a 2nd FAM chapter in LA.
We are adding volunteers to our committees - Membership, Mentorship, Creative, Strategic Partnerships, Development (Fundraising) and looking for volunteers that may end up on our Board of Directors for 2023!
Additionally, we are adding a few members to our Board of Directors - if you are interested in getting more involved and getting strong hands-on experience in a nonprofit membership organization, whether you have experience or not, let's talk about it!We have all the structure set up but need the right people to help us make it happen...

Description of what the deliverable will include and look like:
Discover Deliverable: Pro bono consultant conducts interviews with key stakeholders including the executive director, board members, and a sample of managers and other staff. The pro bono consultant meets with the nonprofit to present findings. Pro bono consultant explains how the interview findings and materials review inform their recommendations for an ideal board structure, key competencies desired from board members, and profiles of future candidates.
Strategy Deliverable: Pro bono consultants creates position profiles, marketing and recruitment plan and an evaluation guide as toolkit to help the client screen, interview, and select the most promising candidates.


Nonprofit Overview

As a non-profit membership organization, the FAM is a movement that aims to change the behavior in the music industry in favor of a more collaborative and positive approach. Our philosophy is that this approach will lead to a more accessible music industry, more mentally healthy artists and professionals, and ultimately, more positive music for our audience. 

We are bringing the music industry family together to break down the unhealthy competitive nature.
The FAM is the one degree of separation in the music industry - an industry that actually feels like a family. We help each other explore and grow, provide answers, and share our successes and opportunities. 


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