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Pink Phoenix
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Portland, Oregon
Website development

Posted August 05
Member since 2022-08-04

Project Overview

We are looking for a creative website volunteer! Our organization needs to create a website that is basically a calendar that combines events and educational opportunities for a Coalition of Breast Cancer non-profit organizations. When the event is noted, it is directed to the website of the organization itself. We'll also want all websites noted under the calendar. We would like someone to design the site, with me as the point-person, with all websites noted, and instruct us on how to add additional events to the calendar.We are a group of non-profit Breast Cancer organizations in the Portland, Oregon (and surrounding communities) and SW Washington areas. We support Breast Cancer patients, families and survivors with a variety of activities, events and education seminars (and Zoom as well). We would like one place for referral online to see what is going on within our community that is easy to navigate and maintain. Being Cancer survivors ourselves, it's overwhelming to know what services are available. I am part of the oldest Breast Cancer Dragon Boat team in the Country - we support Breast Cancer survivors through the sport of Dragon Boat racing. We also have other organizations that have educational seminars, retreats, hikes, and many other things to support this special community. We are over 12 organization members strong. Why not use tech to get the word out to patients and thrivers??I have the vision of what it could look like, and understand there are easy-to-use plug in's to make it happen. We will need our volunteer to provide instructions on how to update the site as events come up during the year.


Nonprofit Overview

Breast Cancer Support Pink Phoenix provides an avenue for Breast Cancer survivors to exercise, support each other emotionally & demonstrate quality of life.


User interface design
Web development
Web front end (js/html/css)