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You'll have a 30 minute call to discuss the scope and deliverables of the project directly with Camino Verde Inc., and for them to confirm you're a good fit.


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Camino Verde Inc.
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Puerto Maldonado, Peru
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Posted October 04
Member since 2020-05-20

Project Overview

We are looking for someone to help organize our Amazonian Tree Database. The project entails searching our image database by species name and then moving that image file into our Airtable database. Want to help make information about incredible Amazonian plants accessible? We are creating a tree database to live online to show people why the Amazon is worth protecting and regenerating. You will be looking at incredible images of plants and learning their names and what they are used for. It's a great way to get familiar with the biodiversity of the rainforest! We will share with your our Google Drive where you will find our image database, these images will then be paired to our Airtable database, in which you will simply match species names and drop images into the corresponding columns. It's simple and straightforward.

This will help us share knowledge and love of the rainforest and its many plant and animal species to protect and regenerate the land. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with Amazonian plants and their uses. There are lots of photos to look through and tag for labels, and in a way, it is like taking a trip through the Amazon rainforest without leaving your desk!

We have documents with links to help you understand the tasks at hand. Everything can be done remotely. Some images and profiles are in Google Drive to be simply copied and pasted into Airtable. This can go at your own time and pace.


Nonprofit Overview

Camino Verde is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

-Protecting and understanding biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon.
-Protecting indigenous rights, autonomy, and wisdom.
-Spreading sustainable ways of life and encouraging fair, sustainable development.

Our mission is to plant trees and encourage others to do the same.


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