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Long Beach BLAST
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Long Beach, California
IT Infrastructure

Posted January 18
Member since 2023-01-12

Project Overview

Long Beach BLAST is ready to level up on our IT infrastructure. We need the help of an expert to get there!

This will include streamlining our systems (Office 365, Teams, Outlook, Teams Phone, etc)
Also some basic file organization on SharePoint (Onedrive)We inspire and support at-promise youth. Far too often we have to turn away youth that need us because we have not built up enough capacity to meet their needs. You can help us build that capacity and ensure that every youth that wants or needs support receives it. Thank you for your consideration.We have all passwords and access to everything you need.
We look forward to your suggestions.
Our leadership team is standing by and ready to implement.
Our team is ready for your assistance.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to improve academic and personal success for at-promise youth through
collaboration and innovative approaches to mentoring and learning.


Information architecture
Operations management
System administration