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Posted January 30
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Project Overview

Our organization has spent the past two years trying to find software that does the things that we need it to. We are a nonprofit home repair agency, and there is a lot of software available in the construction field. However, as a nonprofit, none of those existing software work well for our organization. Because we are a nonprofit, we get the Microsoft suite and therefore have access to Power Apps for free. Looking into Power Apps, it seems like we should be able to build a basic app for the few components that we need to track, including:
-Construction Inventory
-Client Management (and assigning staff hours, tracked mileage, and existing inventory to a client)
-Contractor List (and assigning a contractor to a job)
-Tracking Hours
-Tracking Mileage
-Tracking Volunteers

There is a lot of redundancy in our organization, and this is primarily because we have very manual flows to our office processes. We want to spend more staff time on client services and getting our clients the help they need quickly while utilizing fewer (manual) processes to do that. Many of the existing programs that track construction-related activities are too big or too tedious, or in some cases too expensive, and don't really fit what the organization actually needs. I've played around with Power Apps and think it has the ability to do exactly what our organization needs.

I have taken the time to learn the basic elements of Power Apps. Our organization already has numerous spreadsheets that we use for tracking our various internal activities. Now we need to combine the two. This is where I need someone with the skill and knowledge to help me build this out.

Each of our staff already uses various spreadsheets to perform their work. This would just be simplifying the process and make our office flows much smoother.


Nonprofit Overview

Rutherford Housing Partnership provides urgently needed repairs to the homes of qualified low-income homeowners in Rutherford County, a large rural county in the Foothills of Western North Carolina. RHP provides materials; volunteers provide labor. We believe everyone deserves safe, livable housing.


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